Sensio Air
A healthcare analytics application that helps people with asthma and allergy predict prevent and manage their symptoms.

Redesigning the mobile and web experience

I worked with the Sensio Air team in a couple of separate design sprint sessions each lasting up to 3 days. In the first sprint I worked on reviewing their existing design, and creating an improved flow while redesigning the visuals. Because of the limited time frame, I had to work directly on the high fidelity designs, while improving the user flow.

Quick Input Wizard

One of the main features of the application is to allow users to log their symptoms for the day so that Sensio Air can analyse your symptoms and its network of heathcare providers can recommend course of actions and suggest ways to minimize those symptoms. In this feature, it was important to create no-type symptom input steps so users are encouraged to quickly log how they are feeling on a daily basis. Combining icons and colors is a way to create visual differentiation from one symptom to another, and overtime users become more familiar with each symptoms at a glance.

Personalized Web Reports

Using Sensio Air's home kit, you can receive an allergen analysis of your home in relation to your symtoms. I designed a personalized report page that details the analysis of your home environment in a single page. I used a vertical grid design so the personal health report is displayed side-by-side with the home kit analysis - for users to easily get understand their symptoms in the context of their home environment. The single page report can easily be shared and printed.