LoanPal offers the modern mortgage that's inexpensive, easy, and completely transparent. Users can easily scan their driver's license, instantly get individually tailored and pre-approved loan packages and apply.

Designing LoanPal Mobile App (2016)

In 2016, I designed a mobile application for an online mortgage service. We were 4 engineers and one designer.

User Identification

I first started with looking at who our primary users were.

Problem with the current solutions


Traditional solutions require lengthy research and process.


Strong mobile experience - building the "Robinhood of mortgages".

Kickoff meeting

In the kickoff meeting, the engineers and I sat down and drew a high level flow on the white board, and put together a list of technical and non-technical steps and items and created a specification.


Based on the specification, I put together a low fidelity wireframe to illustrate the overall interaction.


Initially signup form was placed after onboarding at the beginning. However once I saw holistically what the user journey would be, I realized it would be more intuitive to put the sign up, login form at the end of the flow, right when they apply to the loan, since we already capture the phone number at the beginning of the stage, we will have the customer data for outreach in the case where churn happens. Users also will be more inclined to create an account to find out about their mortgage refinancing options.

High res & prototype

I then designed the high fidelity mocks. Flat design was the biggest trend back then, so I incorporated in the various aspects of the interface.

Flat design

Using outlined icon creates a subtle, flatter look. Lighter colored font further creates the softer, flat UI that was in the trend.

Graphics & colors:

I chose green as it brings balance and harmony, and also is a more positive colors than most other colors. I added oranges as secondary colors in the illustrations to bring the fun, bright energy to light up the UI in the onboarding experience.


I prototyped the mocks with the flow:


I designed the Android application, incorporating typography, layout of the visuals and shapes and shadows used in Material Design.

Internal testing

Once the development was complete, we did our own internal testing and the team was happy to find it's ease of use, seamless navigation and call to actions.


Once we presented our work to the client and received positive feedback, I designed the Play Store and App Store banners as deliverables and project was finished there.